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Blemished Alloy Wheels
Blemished wheels are alloy wheels that have cosmetic defects and/or imperfections in the face of the wheel and therefore cannot be sold as 1st quality wheels. They may have slight manufacturing appearance defects such as pits, nicks, waves, indentations or fading or peeling of the wheel finish. Some may have nicks or scratches caused by improper installation Many are discontinued wheel designs, so if your trying to find a 4th wheel to make a matched set, these bargain deals could be of interest to you. They are often sold at discounted prices which can save you lots of money on a high-dollar set of wheels.
If there is a specific wheel you are trying to match, or if your looking for those dream wheels at an unbeatable deal, please let us know the specifics: year, make and model of your vehicle, the brand, type and size you need or desire, and contact numbers so we may contact you when the wheels you are looking for become available. Since these wheels are usually offered at such bargain deals, inventory depletes very rapidly and we don't want you to miss an opportunity to get the wheels you've been dying for.
All blemished alloy wheels are inspected before shipping to insure that they are true (round), and structurally equivalent to a 1st line alloy wheel. Blemished alloy wheels do not have any finish warranty and are sold as is and all sales are final.
Call us now at 714-821-3007 for more information, or email your data requests to us directly at wwhisler@hotmail.com.
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